Shenae Outerbridge - Senior Financial Executive

Shenae Outerbridge

Born in Bermuda, Shenae Outerbridge moved to Washington, D.C. at a young age where she developed interests in music, exploring, and balancing checkbooks. 

Since she was a kid, Shenae Outerbridge knew she wanted to pursue a career in finance. She loved learning the art of balancing checkbooks and the satisfaction that came along with the organization and order of the numbers. 

Living in the Washington, D.C. area, Shenae attended JEB Stuart High School in Fairfax County. She then went to George Mason University in Fairfax to earn her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. Soon after, Shenae attended the Keller Graduate School of Management in Arlington, Virginia, earning her Masters degree in Business Administration.

After completing a strong educational background and years of professional experience, Shenae Outerbridge has become a Senior Level Executive in the finance industry.

She currently holds a position as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the United Planning Organization and assumes a strategic role in the overall management of the company. She has responsibility for establishing and maintaining company-wide objectives, policies, procedures, processes, programs, and practices to assure the company of a continuously
sound financial accounting structure.

During her professional career in international finance, Shenae Outerbridge has had the opportunity to explore the globe working with a number of well known professional organizations. So far, she has visited places such as Kenya, Armenia, South Africa, Ghana, and beyond.

Shenae Outerbridge has achieved her long term career goal of becoming a CFO. She is excited to see what her future in finance holds and what new places her career will take her in the near future.

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